You Can Live with Anyone, well almost

A Transformational Guide to Relationships

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You Can Live with Anyone, well almost

Imagine being able to get well with anyone and everyone, from your boss to your mother-in-law, the pesky neighbour next door, as well as your ex and your partner!

I can guarantee if you read this book and look clearly at the part you play in your relationships you will be able to dramatically improve all your interactions. I know because I have done it and I passionately believe this information can make profound improvements in our lives. It certainly has in mine.

So why is this book different from
other self help books?

It’s different because you will understand why you think as you do and why you react the way you do. You will realise that your unconscious plays a huge part in your behaviour, and most of the time we are completely unaware that it can wreak such havoc in our relationships.

You Can Live with Anyone, well almost is an audacious title because my years of experience as a psychotherapist have taught me that when people understand the impact of their unconscious their lives are transformed.

It may be surprising that the secret to our behaviour and why we think the way we do lies in our unconscious. How we are taught to think is buried there and that thinking unbeknown to us profoundly influences the way we look at the world.  Imagine driving a 20, 30 or 40 year old car today. You probably wouldn’t want to be seen in it. Yet, depending on how old you are that is what most of us are doing with our thinking.  Most of our thinking patterns are laid down when we are tiny and we never really change them until our lives start to unravel as relationships go wrong.

LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. Imagine if every household had one! What a difference... I Love that this book offers us the possibility of love and peace in all our relating with everyone right now in the present. Most especially in our relationship with self. Thank you for this very much needed message of hope for our planet and for our hearts and souls.
Bonnie Blaauw

Virtually all our actions are influenced by the unconscious. Science tells us that our unconscious processes about 11 million pieces of information per second of which we are only conscious of about 40. Most of us are unaware of its magnificence and the influence it wields in our lives. While the unconscious controls our bodily functions it can also sabotage our best intentions, until we become conscious. When we learn to read our unconscious, our behaviour starts to make perfect sense and then, with that knowledge, we have choice about how we react.

Making conscious what is unconscious you can resolve the patterns and conflicts that so often sabotage relationships and create emotional turmoil. This book can revolutionize your thinking and transform your actions in ways that you may not have thought possible.

You Can Live with Anyone, well almost draws on the latest thinking in neuroscience as well as the spiritual aspects of all relationships. The result is a book that lifts the veil on the mysteries of psychotherapy, presenting a clear map for a new – and better- future, as well as enabling you to become your own therapist.


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